Packing for an RTW is nothing like getting ready for a vacation. Everything in your backpack has to earn its weight and work to keep its spot, with versatility, endurance, and being something you genuinely like…after all, this stuff is with you wherever you go. After being fully nomadic for five years, we know what works and what lasts on the road.

Below you will find our packing list with every single item we brought on our RTW, along with the item’s price, product tips and our personal review on why it’s worth a spot in YOUR pack. Our RTW Packing list is broken up by product category, specified for guys, girls, “both” (meaning we both brought one), and “shared” (meaning one of these was all we needed). If you have any questions, just reach out to us at ( We are so passionate about long-term travel, we are more than happy to help!
–Your Trip Coaches, Mike & Anne Howard